Health & Safety (RAMS)

Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Managing health and safety is little different to managing any aspect of our business and operations. Effective risk assessment helps to protect our workers, the business, our customers and the general public comply with the law. It helps us focus at the risks that really matter, and, more importantly, those with the potential to cause real harm. In addition, a concise method statement is essential. This document, detailing how a particular task or activity will be carried out, documents the possible dangers/risks associated with each particular part of a project and/or system and the methods of control to be established. It is critical to explain and detail how work and processes will be managed safely. The Taylor Fire Sprinklers team are expert at writing both Risk Assessments and Method Statements and these form an integral part of our work with each customer and project. To find out just how these essential elements of your fire protection project can make a material difference to your fire sprinkler systems please do not hesitate to contact us.